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Please Note : The wooden steering wheels displayed on our website can vary in colour and we cannot guarantee an exact match.


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Jaguar D-Type OEM

Moto-Lita manufacture original Jaguar D-Type wheels along with original bosses machined from billet aluminium. They can be supplied as original (and retaining adjusting facility) or to fit most steering columns.

Order your Steering Wheel

Please use the options below to configure the correct Moto-Lita Steering Wheel for your vehicle. When you have made your choices please click on the "Add to Cart" button at the end of this page. If you are not sure this is the correct wheel we would suggest using our Your Car pages to see our suggested wheels.

What size Steering Wheel do you need?
Choose the size you'd like for your vehicle.

38 cm40.5 cm
£255.00 Ex. VAT
£306.00 Inc. VAT
£255.00 Ex. VAT
£306.00 Inc. VAT

Do you need a flat or dished shaped wheel?
What shape you choose is important, for example, some cars need the extra space that a dished shape provides.

Flat Flat

What spoke option do you want?
There are four types of spokes for our wheels: Plain, Holes, Thin Slots or Teardrops. Please note that the spoke options will vary depending on the size and shape of your wheel.
(Need help? View Spoke Options.)

OEM HolesOEM Holes

What finish would you like on the spoke?
There are two types of finish for our wheels: Polished aluminium or Anodized Matt Black. Please note that the Anodized Black Matt finish is not available for all wheels. (Need help? View Spoke Finish.)

Polished Polished

What Boss Kit do you need?
Please choose your make of vehicle.
This list only shows the makes and models that suit the Jaguar D-Type OEM Steering Wheel.

I don't require a Boss Kit.
D-Type Polished Boss and Centre Cap (OEM)
D-Type Polished Boss and Centre Cap (OEM Splined to Suit)
+£0.00 Ex. VAT / £0.00 Inc. VAT

What finish do you want on the Boss Kit?
(Need help? View Boss Kit Finish.)

Black Stove Enamel
+£0.00 Ex. VAT / £0.00 Inc. VAT

Centre Caps and Horn Controls?
(Need help? View Horn Control options.)

+£0.00 Ex. VAT / £0.00 Inc. VAT

This is your total for the options you have chosen.
When you're satisfied please click on "Add to Cart" below.

Total: £0.00 Ex. VAT / £0.00 Inc. VAT
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1To Simon, Thanks for helping me steer! Ciao Stirling1

Sir Stirling Moss

1Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service received. Also, the goods ordered surpassed expectations when opened after their very prompt delivery! Excellent!! many thanks again ***** 5-star! Regards1

Colin Leach

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