Welcome to the Moto-Lita Guide to Accessories.

Please also see our guide to ordering.

How to Search for your Accessory
When you enter the make, model and year of your car and click on the search icon, the accessories suitable for your car will automatically be selected. On the top of every page there are links to 'Steering Wheels', 'Bosses' and 'Accessories'. Click each one in turn and the recommendations for your car will be shown.

Styling to match
When it comes to selecting an accessory for your new steering wheel you want it to enhance the look of your wheel. We do too, so we recommend that if you're choosing a horn, cap or gear knob, you make sure the finish matches perfectly.

Which accessories do I need?
When you purchase a standard Moto-Lita wheel and boss together all the accessories that you need are supplied (top ring, screws and wheel centre - see below).
If you purchase a standard Moto-Lita Wheel it comes complete with a top ring and screw kit.
If you purchase a Standard boss kit it comes with a high-impact ABS plastic horn control for half price or centre cap in black. But you may like to upgrade to a polished alloy horn control or centre cap; the choice is yours.

Car Badges
As you select your products the car badge will be included in your order (Only if you have a centre cap or a horn button). We usually have all the makes of car badge that corresponds with the boss selected or from the make of car drop down box on the order form. We are not allowed to show photos of the badges or sell the badges separately, but one will be provided when you include a cap or a horn button in your order. If we do not have your make of car badge we will include a 'Moto-Lita' badge or you can select a 'plain' cap or horn button which does not have a recess for a badge.

Gear Knobs
If you do not know the size of the fitting for your car, please measure across the top of the gear lever (once the gear knob has been removed) and count how many threads per inch are down the side. Add this information to the notes on the order form, along with your make, model and year of car. If we need any further information we will contact you.

Please follow this link for information on measuring the thread http://theoreticalmachinist.com/Threads_UnifiedImperial.aspx
f you are still unsure, please take a photo of the gear lever with a metal ruler (imperial side) against the thread. Send the photo to: info@moto-lita.co.uk.

OEM Products
If you purchase an OEM wheel, you will need to purchase the accessories separately. Please see accessories page for E-type, AC Cobra, Morgan 3-wheeler OEM accessories.
OEM products are not compatible with standard 9-bolt Moto-Lita products.


What size centre do I need?
Moto-Lita standard polished alloy horn controls and centre caps come in two different sizes:

    • A 3½" Polished Alloy Horn Button or Cap - fits into the centre of all standard Moto-Lita wheels but leaves the screws and the top ring on show.
    • A 4½" Polished Alloy Horn Button or Cap - fits into the centre of all standard Moto-Lita wheels but covers the screws (no top ring needed).

Both 3½" and 4½" horn buttons or caps listed above have a base circumference of 82mm with an O ring fitting, which fits into the centre of our standard Moto-Lita bosses or in the top part of our Momo and Nardi adaptors.


A 3½" centre shows the screws A 3½
A 4½" centre covers the screws A 4½
3½" Horn Control Centre 3½
4½" Horn Control Centre 4½

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