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Moto-Lita can now supply custom wheels, if you can't find what you are looking for on our website please email us about our custom wheel service and send us your specifications for either your car or boat and we will contact you as soon as we can with a quote.

Styling to match
When it comes to selecting a new steering wheel for your car, you want it to look perfect. We do too, so we recommend that if you're choosing a boss, horn or cap, you make sure the finish matches the spokes of your wheel.

Measuring your Steering Wheel
When you want to change your steering wheel the best guide is to measure the steering wheel on your car and choose one of our wheels that matches your own in diameter. 
We measure our steering wheels from outside edge to outside edge across the middle of the wheel. Please note: Our wood steering wheels (even the thicker rim) can measure up to 1/2" (12.7mm) LESS than the stated diameter because of the many times we sand our wheels after applying all the undercoats and topcoats to the surface. Our leather wheels can measure up to 1/2" (12.7mm) MORE than the stated diameter because of the thicker extrusion (rubber layer) underneath the leather.

Rim Circumference
The standard rim on all of our wood steering wheels is 3" (76.2mm) around the grip (circumference of the rim).
The standard rim on our leather wheels is 4" (101.6mm) around the grip (circumference of the rim).
The thicker grip steering wheel is 3 1/2" (88.9mm) around the grip (circumference of the rim).

Choosing a Flat or Dished Wheel
Our flat wheels are perfectly flat. The dished wheel has a dish of just 1 1/2" (38.10mm) deep. If you have a flat wheel and decide that you need a dished wheel or you do not feel the dish is deep enough, you could always add one of our spacers which we have in 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 2". If you have a dished wheel and decide to order a flat wheel for your car, please make sure that there is enough clearance on the side stalks to accommodate a flat wheel.

How to Search for your Steering Wheel
When you enter the make, model and year of your car and click on the search icon, suitable steering wheels for your car will automatically be selected. On the top of every page there are links to 'Steering wheels', 'Bosses' and 'Accessories'. Click each one in turn and the recommendations for your car will be shown.

Our standard steering wheels have a PCD of 101.6mm (4"). The pitch circle diameter (PCD) can be found by measuring from the middle of one fixing hole to the middle of another fixing hole on the opposite side (across the centre hole) on the pitch circle diameter of the fixing ring of screws.

Our small centre MK3 & MK4 wheels (to fit a B20 S/C boss only) have a PCD of 79.40mm.
E-type OEM wheels have a PCD of 77.8mm (12 o'clock to 6 o'clock).
AC Cobra wheels have a PCD of 62mm on the diagonal slant (1 o'clock to 7 o'clock).
Jaguar D-Type wheels have 9 fixing holes on a PCD of 68.58mm.
Momo drillings have 6 fixing holes on a PCD of 70mm.
Nardi drillings have 6 fixing holes on a PCD of 74mm.

Special Wood Inlay Wheels 
Moto-Lita have a new range of wood inlay steering wheels without rivets. Please enquire.

Leather Wheels
Our leather wheels are made from the finest autocalf leather and are available in black, red, racing green and dark blue.

Suede Wheels
Our suede wheels are made from real steer hide suede and are available in black.

Alcantara Wheels
Alcantara is now available on all of our leather rims in place of leather or suede. Please see individual listings.

Wood Wheels
Moto-Lita wooden (laminate) wheels are made from Sapele and by special order Gaboon (Okoume). These are both South African tropical hard woods, which meet the following standards: BS 1088:2003
EN 13986:2004, BS EN 310:1993, BS EN 314-1:1993, BS EN 314-2:1993, BS EN 717-2:1995
Our Walnut and Mahogany wheels are made from American walnut and Sapele

We only source our wood from FSC audited suppliers: FSC- STD-40-004 (Version 3.0) EN and FSC-STD-50-001 (Version 2.0) EN for FSC® Chain of Custody Certification.

Wheels for Boats
Please let us have your enquires for boat wheels.


Repairs to Your Existing Moto-Lita Steering Wheel
We can repair your existing Moto-Lita steering wheel as long as the metal and wood are both in an acceptable condition. We cannot replace the wood as that will weaken the frame. We can replace the leather on your leather Moto-Lita steering wheel. Unfortunately, we cannot repair other brands of steering wheel, it does have to be a Moto-Lita wheel.

Your standard Moto-Lita steering wheel will be supplied complete with a top ring and screw kit. No need to order them separately, unless you need an extra set.

Fitting the Wheel
We recommend that wheels and bosses are fitted by a qualified mechanic.

Which spoke option would you prefer?
Spoke options are a very personal choice and you can see our range below. Please note that the exact styling of spoke options may vary according to the size of the steering wheel selected.

NB: The wood wheels shown in the pictures below are Gaboon (Okoume) and this gives a lighter colour than our standard Sapele steering wheels.

Cobra Slots in Spokes Cobra Slots in Spokes
Thin Slots in Spokes Thin Slots in Spokes
Holes in Spokes Holes in Spokes
Plain Spokes Plain Spokes

Which rim option would you prefer?
Our laminate riveted wheels are available with:

  • a standard rim (approx. 76.2mm circumference)
  • a thicker rim (approx. 88.9mm circumference) - special order
  • a standard mid-brown stained rim 
  • a dark stained rim - special order

Please note:  the colour of stain can vary on different internet browsers.

Special Order: Wheels that display 'Special Order' take approximately 2-3 weeks longer to manufacture than standard wheels.

*Wood rim wheels are slightly smaller in diameter than the size shown, this is due to the sanding of the rim during manufacture.

Standard rim with mid-brown stain Standard rim with mid-brown stain
Thicker rim with dark stain (special order only) Thicker rim with dark stain (special order only)

Which finish would you prefer on the spokes?
On leather rim steering wheels it is possible to have either polished or black anodised spokes on your steering wheel. Please select your preferred option. Please Note: Black anodised steering wheels may sometimes be subject to an extended delivery time to be advised on ordering.

Please note: standard leather rim wheels are slightly larger in diameter than the size shown, this is due to the rubber extrusion used in manufacture.

MK4 Black Anodised Finish MK4 Black Anodised Finish
MK4 Polished Finish MK4 Polished Finish

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