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Please also see our guide to ordering.

If you cannot find a boss to fit your car, we can either make a wheel to fit your boss or if you can find a Momo or Nardi boss to fit your car we can make a 14" or 15" Mark 3 or Mark 4 wheel with Momo or Nardi fixing holes.

Please contact us if you would like us to manufacture a custom boss or steering wheel for your vehicle.

The listed year of manufacture for each make and model of car should be used as a guideline only.

Many car makers utilised parts, including steering columns, from a preceding year's production run. For example: a car registered in 1996 may have a 1995 steering column. Alternatively a previous owner of the car may have fitted a non-standard steering column to your vehicle. You bear the responsibility for ordering the correct boss for your car. There is no way of being sure which is the correct boss unless you take the necessary measurements from the steering column. It is of the utmost importance for your safety that the correct boss kit is ordered and fitted and for us to help you with this we will require more details. Firstly remove the steering wheel from your car to expose the steering column. We need to know the diameter across the top of the column, the number of splines (also known as teeth) around the column and the length of taper, if any. Please email the measurements ideally along with a photograph to: info@moto-lita.co.uk before you place your order.

You as the end user assume all responsibility when ordering and fitting a boss kit to your car. It is up to you to ensure that the boss kit is the correct size for the steering column and that it is seated without any undue force or free movement on the splines. Incorrect installation is dangerous and can lead to loss of steering control. Therefore we strongly advise that your boss and steering wheel should be fitted by a qualified motor mechanic.


We can make a custom steering wheel to fit your quick release boss, whether you have a Sparco, Optimill Startech, Lifeline Fire, Momo or Nardi etc. etc. send a photo with PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) to info@moto-lita.co.uk and we will give you a quote. 

Our standard bosses have a PCD of 101.6mm (4"). The pitch circle diameter (PCD) can be found by measuring from the middle of one fixing hole to the middle of another fixing hole on the opposite side (across the centre hole) on the pitch circle diameter of the fixing ring of screws.

The standard bosses have a centre space of 82.80mm to take our standard horns or caps (82mm with O ring push in fitting).

Our small centre B20 (S/C boss) to fit small centre MK3 & MK4 wheels only has a PCD of 79.40mm (across adjacent fixing holes)E-type OEM Bosses have a PCD of 77.8mm (12 o'clock to 6 o'clock fixing holes).AC Cobra barrel bosses have a PCD of 62mm on the diagonal slant (1 o'clock to 7 o'clock fixing holes).Momo 6 fixing holes have a PCD of 70mm.Nardi 6 fixing holes have a PCD of 74mm.

Yes: If you are fitting a new, standard 9-bolt Moto-Lita steering wheel to your car you will also need to purchase a boss kit.

Yes: If you are fitting your old wheel to a new car that is a different make, and maybe if it is a different model or year.

No: If you have purchased an original equipment steering wheel (OEM). The existing OEM boss should be a perfect match, and your new wheel and old boss will take back your original horn control. (Exception: A steering wheel for a Series 3, E-type Jaguar (XKE) will need a new OEM boss kit (B33a) and OEM horn control. You will also need to make a small modification on a series 3 - to make the horn work you will need to solder a small (17.5mm) brass screw to the rod that works the horn.

No: If you already have a standard Moto-Lita steering wheel on your car and you are purchasing a new wheel for the same car, you do not need a new boss kit.

No: If you have a Momo or Nardi steering wheel on your car. You can purchase a Momo/Nardi adaptor from Accessories to allow your Moto-Lita steering wheel to fit your car.Or you can commission a MK3 or MK4 in 14" or 15" diameter which will fit straight onto the original 6-hole Momo or Nardi boss.

No: If you have an MG RV8 with a 9-bolt boss fitting. A Moto-Lita steering wheel should fit onto your existing boss.

When you enter the make, model and year of your car and click on the search icon, the boss kit for your car will automatically be selected. On the top of every page there are links to 'Steering Wheels', 'Bosses' and 'Accessories'. Click each one in turn and the recommendations for your car will be shown.

Please see Important Safety Notice above.

If your car or boss is not listed please email us on info@moto-lita.co.uk with the following details: take off the current wheel and let us have photographs of the fittings. We need the diameter of the steering column across the top, the number of teeth/splines around the edge and the length of taper along the steering column (if any).  Alternatively if you could find a MOMO or Nardi boss to fit, we could either supply an adaptor that would fit the wheel to the boss or we could supply a MK3 or MK4 with a Momo or Nardi centre to fit on the boss.

No: If you have purchased a standard 9-bolt boss, it will come with a black plastic ABS shock resistant cap for the centre of the wheel. But you may like to upgrade to a polished alloy cap (badged or plain), which you can purchase from the boss kit page. Also please see  'Accessories'

Yes: If your car has the horn on a stalk and you have only purchased a steering wheel for your existing Moto-Lita 9-hole boss and do not already have a blanking cap for the centre of your steering wheel.

Yes: if you have purchased a boss and the horn is normally in the centre of your steering wheel you can also purchase a black plastic ABS shock resistant horn for half the price of purchasing it from the accessories page.

No: if you have purchased an OE boss that states it will allow the original equipment horn button already on your car to be used.

When you order a recessed billet horn button or cap we can supply a car badge from the list below or you can select a 'plain' polished horn button or cap which does not have a recess for a badge. Alternatively, If we do not have your make of car badge you can supply your own badge and for a small fee we can recess the horn button to fit your badge, please email a photo and measurements of your badge to info@moto-lita.co.uk and we will be able to send you a quote. 


Moto-Lita Boss Kits are designed to fit perfectly with your wheel and are available in polished alloy or textured black finishes.

Moto-Lita boss kits are available in black textured or polished alloy finish.

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