Flat Jag Derrington OEM

(A B33c OEM boss kit can be supplied with this Derrington steering wheel, these are for a MK II Jaguar only). A B33c boss kit is also listed separately. This wheel will accept the original Jaguar Horn Bar (Not Supplied).
Fits Vehicles: Jaguar MK2 Derrington OEM
4-5 working weeks
Regular price £477.60


Moto-Lita owns the Derrington trade mark and supplied the original wheels to VW Derrington Ltd, we are now able to offer the original specification MKII steering wheel, which accepts the original horn bar (not included - we do not supply horn bars). We also offer a B33c Boss Kit.

When you fit a British made Moto-Lita steering wheel, you're fitting a beautiful, ergonomically designed product, crafted using traditional engineering techniques with a strong British motorsport heritage.

Every steering wheel takes weeks to handcraft from raw materials and will be a unique piece once finished. Moto-Lita offers thousands of product variations using different designs and materials.

Moto-Lita also offers completely bespoke wheels to meet your exact requirements.